Host with Locals
Theatrical yacht voyage into the heart of Emirates culture
Navigate through the richness of the local traditions
Set sail on a journey around Palm Jumeirah— with waves carrying the essence of Emirati culture!
Step aboard our luxury yacht for a soirée that blends the sophistication of a cruise with the richness of local traditions.
In 2,5 - hours, local artists will unfold the vibrant tapestry of the Emirates — through traditional songs, expressive dances, local arts and engaging stories.
Try on an abaya or kandura, discover the ancient art of Arab perfumery, savor the flavors of gourmet appetizers — all against the glittering backdrop of the Arabian Gulf.
A sea adventure
like no other
Our voyage boasts the best talents in the city — local dancers, musicians, singers and narrators. They know what it truly means to be Emirati. And they will be happy to show you!
Expect the crème de la crème! Breathtaking Palm Jumeirah Island, both the old and new Atlantis Hotel, prestigious Marina, enchanting Bluewaters Island, iconic Burj Al Arab hotel, and the symbol of Dubai itself — Burj Khalifa.
The maestro behind the voyage is none other than Alex Broun — a leading writer, director, and producer of entertainment programs in the Gulf region.
No yacht trip is truly fulfilled without the exquisite touch of first-class cuisine! Indulge in our delightful selection of soft & alcoholic drinks and complement your beverage choice with fresh appetizers in South American, European & Asian style.
Local Culture — from the locals
Magnificent Views
First-class Show
Gourmet appetizers & drinks
What to expect
A voyage into Emirati culture & traditions
Fascinating stories & performances from local artists
Finest gourmet appetizers & drinks
The city's best views from the vantage point of a first-class yacht
Finest gourmet appetizers & Drinks
Dress code
2.5 hours
Book a great
You can book an adventure for a large company or join the party with a couple of friends or alone.
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