A theatre where there are no chairs
and the scenery is the interiors
of the best five-star hotels
Our project is a combination of theatre, fascinating stories, and luxurious locations. The elegant hotels from our collection become a scene for all our performances. And the story unfolds right in front of the audience.

Each themed adventure brings you vivid emotions and colorful impressions.
Experience a new entertainment format that combines interactive theatre with the comfort of luxury hotels.

Become the most welcome guest in one of our locations. You will learn all the hotel's secrets, visit exciting locations and look where the entrance is closed to ordinary visitors. And in the finale, a tea ceremony or a gourmet dinner awaits you, depending on the chosen format.

Host Theatre
Host Rooms
An exclusive adventure wrapped in a mist of intrigue.
Host Suite Parties
Become a part of an exciting story and decide how the story will end
Host Yacht Parties
A 2,5-hour cruise around Palm Jumeirah with an exciting excursion, gourmet buffet, and performances by artists, planned by star director Alex Broun.
Host Customised Events
A fun tour of a luxury hotel, activity with the actors, and a cup of tea to discuss the impressions
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