Host Suite Parties
Become a part of an exciting story and decide how the story will end
The Suite Parties
in the luxury hotel
Unlike excursions, guests at our parties not only watch the story but also take part in it. At one of the Suite parties, you will find yourself visiting a married couple from Hollywood.
A talented director of French origin and his wife come to Dubai and stay in a luxurious hotel suite. The director's dream is to make a film in the Road Movie genre and find new faces for his future film.
And you are the
long-awaited guest
of this private party
A luxurious themed evening in a five-star hotel suite. Due to the intimacy of space, the lines between story and reality are blurred, allowing you to become a part of the story.
Party Format
3 hours
Theatrical performance in your hotel room, interactive activities, drinks and snacks.
The price includes
In addition
to the performance,
guests can expect...
Live music and jazz in the hotel suite
A bar with drinks, and a set of snacks from the hotel's chef await guests.
The event will take place in a luxurious environment of an elegant location
The real fun is
waiting behind
the door
Are you ready to open it?